Dr Laurence Palfreyman - BSc, PGDip, DClinPsy

Clinical Psychologist

I provide professional help with psychological and relationship difficulties using a supportive approach that is centred around you.

I'm accredited by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and hold senior posts within leading specialist NHS services. I also provide psychological consultancy to organisations.

I'm based in London and see clients online from across the UK and internationally.

If you're thinking of starting therapy please email me to discuss how I might help.


What I can help with.

My clients come to me with many different issues including low mood, anxiety, stress, trauma, loneliness as well as sex and relationship problems. A lot of the people I meet are also struggling with questions about their identity and what they want from life. Sometimes my clients can't pinpoint what the problem is but just know that things feel a lot harder than they should.

Most people I meet have been trying to deal with these issues and become stuck, unable to find a way through and in need of some help and guidance.

I help my clients by providing a confidential and safe space that is structured around their needs and preferences. This might involve discovering new perspectives on their problems and developing effective strategies to overcome them. Alternatively it might be about having a space to talk openly about issues that feel too sensitive or difficult to speak about elsewhere. This has helped my clients gain a richer understanding of themselves and what they care about, enabling them to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Therapy at your pace.

I understand how looking for a therapist can be daunting, possibly quite overwhelming. I therefore offer a free initial telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes. This gives us an opportunity to talk about what you're struggling with and think through what might help. Crucially, it gives you an opportunity to see if you'd feel comfortable talking with me.